A downloadable game for Windows

A turn-based fighting game made for Ludum Dare 41.

Co-developed by 5 friends, all first-timers in game development (sigh).

Thanks to Caiols, Darklukas, GbrNogueira and Hiuji for the time poured in! The game ended being very simple, but the experience gained was invaluable.

Quick overview

Each turn, the player decides a move between walking forward [D] or backward [A], attacking [J] or defending [K]. After receiving input, the game advances one turn, and the player can pick one input again.

A few notes about the movement system:
- Moving in the same direction twice will accelerate the player.
- You cannot attack for two consecutive turns.
- If you successfully block your opponent's attacks, he'll bounce back a few tiles.
- However, if you take a hit, you'll bounce back even further.

You win the fight if you score 5 attacks first, or if you push your opponent out of bounds.


The game is VERY buggy, as we didn't have a lot of time to polish and bugfix. Some things worth mentioning:
- The AI can be, at this stage, very random. We had plans to improve it but we ran out of time :(
- The movement is based on tweening the characters, sometimes you can interrupt the animation by sending inputs very quickly.
- A lot of animations were left behind, as we couldn't correctly configure them before the deadline.

If you find something gamebreaking, please press [ESC] at anytime to reset the game.


Whew! That was our very first jam (in fact, our very first game) and, even if simple and very wonky, we're happy to have something published. We're open to all kinds of feedback :)

Thanks so much for your attention! Have fun!


Lunge&Parry (alpha).zip 20 MB

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